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Ex Remploy staff at The Factory


On 14th January a training course commenced at The Fashion Studio for eight ex Remploy employees and after the successful completion of the training will be hired to work at the Factory as Garment Machinists, Finisher Packers and Pressers.


Monika Thomas training as a production machinist

Remploy moved to Unit 14 Crusader Industrial Estate in July 2007. 

Remploy announced that the three London factories were all under threat of closure in March 2012.

Frank Rogers, who was the Social Enterprise Manager at Remploy commented:

Fashion Enter and Remploy North London have been working together since the beginning of 2011 and always though there was possibilities of further cooperation. When the possibility arose that Fashion Enter could move into Remploy’s old premises in Haringey, both parties worked hard to ensure this happened, particularly as Fashion Enter would provide up to vacancies for ex Remploy staff.

The jobs provided by Fashion Enter shows there are transferable skills from the ex Remploy staff coupled with a willingness to learn new skills. As the previous manager of Remploy North London I am extremely proud and happy that some of my ex colleagues are now in full time positions with Fashion Enter, it is a win win situation.’

Jenny Holloway. Director Fashion Enter said: 

Over the last three years we have worked closely with Frank Rodgers at Remploy and we started to know and respect the staff at the Haringey site.

In March 2012 when Remploy announced they were closing their doors for business we were somewhat shocked and surprised.  We knew Frank ran a tight ship and the factory had success with certain clients.

We also felt extremely upset for the staff who we knew would find it difficult to secure alternative employment.

Frank and I therefore met to see if we could find a way forward which would be a positive outcome for everyone.

This has resulted in the training of eight ex Remploy staff in roles such as Production Machinist, Finisher Packer and Garment Presser. The trainees commented:

‘I really enjoyed finishing the garments, I find it a lot easier now than I did before.’ Glenford Royal

I enjoyed using the presser.’ Nigel Samuel

‘Using machines is not as easy as it looks, but I can’t wait to learn more and be as fast as the machinists. Had a great experience so far.’ Robert Taylor






Fashion Enter is confident all the trainees will successfully complete their training and will then commence full time employment at The Factory


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