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The Factory Open Day


With the factory only being up and running for over a month it was a good way to show off all the hard work that had gone into it.


The Factory is based in Haringey and is twice the size of our previous one. This was a chance for anyone to come down, look around the facilities and talk to someone about any inquiries they had about either membership, production or if they were genuinely interested in the industry.


With an impressive turn out there was definitely a chance to meet new potential clients and see what others wanted to bring to the table. Old and current clients also came along to give their support, with a quote from Derek Levy ”This new development marks a great leap forward – enabling Fashion (Capital/Enter) to provide much needed garment manufacturing capacity in London, with larger production runs more possible than ever before. Its already strong reputation has been further enhanced, and now some of the biggest retail names on high street are queuing up to place even larger orders for some of the very best in new designer fashion to fill their rails”.


Also adding, ”Congratulations to Jenny and the entire team. When I see “The Factory”, I can confidently say that all the dynamic effort and hard work has finally paid off. Patience has been rewarded.. The big corner has been turned”. It was lovely to have such approval of what has been a massive leap for Fashion Enters growth.


It was also a chance for us to show the full range of what we have to offer. We were able to introduce our training facilities and explain our apprenticeship programme. When the opening times came to a close and all the biscuits had been demolished we could quite easily say it had been a success being that we had received some amazing feedback!


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