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FC Fashion Meetup Success!


fc fashion meetupCommencing at 5pm the turnout was incredible and soon the space was brimming with over 70 up and coming designer businesses networking with the FC team and each other. Their attention was soon turned to the main event…an ‘in conversation with’ style interview with CEO Jenny Holloway and Caren Downie on the elevated black sofa!

The atmosphere was electric, early birds were lucky enough to position themselves on a comfy sofa whilst latecomers perched at the back, everyone hanging onto every word Caren spoke about her career in the industry, how she turned ASOS.com into the global phenomenon it is today, her major role in the development and success of a brand new on line label which was Finery and of course masses of advice and expert guidance on what a designer should be doing to build their brand, gain a network of followers and most importantly generate sales!

Guests voiced out about a number of difficulties that they have experienced whilst growing their brands.  Caren’s expertise through her experience in the industry explained the fundamental ways of overcoming such difficulties. In particular ‘trust in the industry’, she explained the difficulties she endured towards the end of her time at ‘Finery’ and encouraged designers that it is fundamental to analyse and research thoroughly into who they would like to work with to build their brand within the industry.

Overall attendees found the knowledge given by Caren and Jenny significantly valuable and inspiring…

“Fantastic evening!!! Thank you for this, looking forward to more.” Elisa

“Thank you for organising this! It was great to meet fellow fashion lovers.” Adoria

“Thanks so much for organising such a great event – it was brilliant for learning but also for meeting lots of lovely people.” Cat

The FC Fashion Meetup will be back with another iconic expert, watch this space! 


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