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What’s Your Brand Story?


9 aug branding fashion

In 2017, it’s important to sell a brand that is more than just clothing. Being in the fashion business means your brand needs a cause, personality and to fill a massive gap for long term success. It’s simple to sit down and write out your business message, but it’s a whole new skill to package and present your vision to your clients and customers so that they buy into it. Branding your business can determine whether you make a few hundred annually or millions in the long run or reach tens of thousand people or just 2.

Fashion Plugin is doing something different in August. We have invited 3 speakers to give you an insight on not only WHY branding is important, but HOW you, as a small dot in the fashion circle can reach out.

9 aug branding fashion speakers

3 speakers include:

● Dines, Creative Director at award winning design agency, Blup.

● Elizabeth Akingbade, Founder and Creative Director of British- Nigerian sustainable fashion brand, Yemzi.

● Statis Beatnik part of UK’s top DJ/ Producer duo at Beatnik.

When: Tuesday 15th August

Where: Makerversity, Somerset House, London

Time: 5.30 – 7.30pm

For tickets please click here.

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