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Jenny Holloway Talks Transparent Manufacturing Practices in Leicester


jenny at the factory stitching acThe Textile Research Industry Innovation Forum for Interdisciplinary Collaboration (TRIIFIC!) was set up in 2015 to stimulate innovative discussions in the textiles industry. The forum encourages research and innovation in all aspects of textiles including design, technical, manufacturing and business, and draws on De Montfort University’s knowledge in areas including medical, sensors and intelligent computing, management, and business practice.

Textile Tuesdays provide an opportunity for businesses to network with university experts to discuss the latest thinking, research, trends and innovations in the textiles field and today Jenny (pictured right) will be there to discuss how transparency and good working practices can benefit the industry as a whole.

With a different focus each time, Textile Tuesdays promote funding opportunities and build partnerships to deliver on new and exciting business collaborations, innovation and research.

Textiles Tuesdays scheduled events:

20 June 2017 – Jenny Holloway, Fashion Enter

The Factory Uncovered – how Fashion Enter helps retailers and etailers to spot an unethical factory.

18 July 2017 – Sunny Patel, Meesha Group

Meesha – the art of the t-shirt

19 September 2017 – Hervé Andrieu, Vetigraph Fashion Digital Solutions Ltd

How digital technologies are changing the way fashion is produced.

To book a place please email IIF@dmu.ac.uk.

DMU textile tuesdays

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