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Graduate Fashion Week 2017: Day 1


2017 gfw entrance swarovski

2017 gfw general exhib

Northbrook College Sussex and Sheffield Hallam University kicked off the graduate show season with collections that exuded both class and edge. Chloe Ralph from Northbrook College Sussex presented her collection that oozed sophistication with flowing dresses featuring subtle ruffled details, nude tones and rope style belted embellishments on the waist and back of garments creating an effortless touch. Designer Connor McBurney also from Northbrook showcased his collection that expressed fun, with a wide range of bright coloured chunky knitwear and colourful pompom shoes to compliment. Designer Lisa Crump from Sheffield Hallam University presented full ruffle skirts, neon tones, bold prints, light knitwear and coloured tights in her collection. It was refreshing to see how she had used bold colours in a subtle way to compliment each outfit and create a classic look.

2017 gfw salford timotheaThe collections from the University of Salford Manchester were some of my personal favourites particularly the womenswear collections by designers Timothea Prodromou (right) and Alexandra Danko. Timothea’s collection was bold and stylish and had consisted of predominately bodysuits that featured digital printed fabric from top to bottom. This collection showcased class and a vintage tone from the get go and was presented really well as each garment shown followed the consistent theme of formal wear and a structured body. Alexandra’s collection on the other hand showcased more feminine pieces with a selection of cream pleated details incorporated on outfits as well as smooth quitted textured embellishments on a long-line structured coat, silk jumpsuits and mostly slender silhouettes throughout. This collection was one that I would describe as elegant and totally on trend. 

From observing each collection it immediately became evident as to what was on trend and what was simply new and abstract expression. The most recurring trends in the collections were pleats, ruffles, metallic details and sheer panels. There were also a range of structures, silhouettes and fabrics in each collection, some for instance showcased loose silhouettes whilst others opted for more structured silhouettes and formed the structure through the shoulders with detailed ruffles or sequined embellishments on the shoulder to create more dimension.

2017 gfw northumbria danielle wallaceAnother great detail seen in the collections was a mixture of various coloured fabrics attached together to form a beautiful patchwork embellishment, this was seen in Danielle Wallace’s (left) collection from Northumbria University. Danielle’s collection featured mainly sportswear/casualwear outfits with bold coloured striped detail on either side of a jogger trouser and a contrast of coloured fabrics used side by side forming a beautiful embellished pattern on the back of the shoulder.

Alongside of observing all the amazing collections there were also a range of fascinating talks one of which was called GFW: Where are they now? This talk presented the audience with four graduates from the years 2012-2016 to discuss what they decided to do upon graduating and where they are now. It was great to see that the graduates from working in internships at a range of well-known companies are now design assistants and established designers and work on a wide range of collections with suppliers in the brands that they now have managerial roles within.



2017 gfw edinburgh ruth williams

Edinburgh College of Art also showcased on Day 1 here are some designs by Ruth Williams


2017 gfw entrance sign smallBy Sabrina Shafi

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