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Top 3 from the Fashion International Showcase


international lenie boya

Lenie Boya 

The highlight of this collection was absolutely the 3-D fabric manipulations (pictured right). With a minimal and striking colour palette of red, black and white, the collection focused on clean, modern lines interrupted by unexpected details. Creating geometric shapes and structure in the pieces, each was clearly beautifully crafted. An explosion of red concertinaed material exploding from a tailored blazer like a blooming flower, a black dress with a rectangle shoulder cut-out, a fluted slit-sleeve dress with a ruffled collar – all of it made for a cohesive and utterly memorable collection. 

international rai


The RAI show was reminiscent of a walking coral reef, showcasing a vibrant colour palette with a plethora of beading and embroidery on some pieces, whilst others were cut into fluid shapes out of patterned dyed silk (pictured left). Inspired by the undersea world, delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon were draped exquisitely to create the whole collection of aquatic eveningwear. 

international fernanda melo

Fernanda Melo 

Melo’s collection was entitled ‘Bloom’, and was a refreshing addition to the showcase (pictured right). Featuring colour silk thread embroidery from the Itsmo Tehueantepec region in Mexico, this show was full of colour and vibrancy. The intricate floral embroidery was contrasted against white and nude silk that billowed beautifully as the models walked. Other fabrics used included satin, taffetas, and gauze, all cut into interestingly-shaped mini dresses, playsuits and capes. Inspired by the growth of embroidery and weaves, and the native communities who create them, this is a brand with ethics – as they always work with the same artisans in an effort to preserve the techniques. The focus of Morrocan florals made this collection a unique addition to a sometimes repetitive fashion week.

By India Hunnikin

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