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Top 3 Menswear Brands To See At Best Of Britannia


All with a British heritage story to tell and impeccable design we have chosen Community Clothing, Shackleton and Ross Bar as our top three menswear brands to see at BOB, an event that celebrates British heritage, design and brands.

Community Clothing

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 15.02.31

(Images courtesy of Community Clothing)

Founded in 2016, Community Clothing manufactures quality clothing for both men and women whilst offering and providing jobs for Britain’s army of skilled workers.  Utilising British factories during their quieter periods, Community Clothing aims to fill factories all year round to manufacture affordable clothing for all.  “Making clothes, creating jobs and restoring pride.”  The brands garments include men’s straight cut jeans, women’s slim cut jeans, their Harrington jacket available in navy and khaki and a raincoat for all.


Ross Barr

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 14.56.28

(Images couresy of Ross Barr)

Menswear brand Ross Barr draws inspiration from its British roots and iconic British trends of the past, combining textiles and fashion to create a contemporary menswear collection. Launched with the support of the Princes Trust, founder Ross Barr states: “I love fashion, but my real inspiration comes from helping to regenerate the British industry… so we have more employment and a stronger economy.”  Manufactured in Leicester The Spencer is the brands’ only current garment that is available in three colours.



Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 14.40.52

(Images courtesy of Shackleton)

Highlighting that whilst many British brands feature the Union Jack, not all are actually made in Britain, Shackleton complete both their design and manufacturing on our own shores. Producing a range of garments including knitwear, footwear, outerwear, leather goods and hats, the brand uses 7 factories in locations including Leicester, Northampton, Oxfordshire and Herefordshire. Similar to FashionCapital, Ross Barr and Community Clothing, Shackleton aims to support British manufacturing whilst creating opportunities for skilled workers here in the UK.


All brands attending BOB have two things in common.  One; we all want to bring manufacturing back to Britain and rightly so!  Two; we all want to support the extremely skilled workforce we are fortunate to have in the country.  By bringing manufacturing back to the UK we can do exactly that!

Best of Britannia is held at Victoria house from 30th September – 2nd October 2016.

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