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olympics 2016 team usaEstablished designers that have designed kit for their nations include Ralph Lauren for the USA and Armani for Italy. Ralph Lauren used their trademarked style from the London Olympics 2012 for the USA team, which was particularly memorable for the beret and blazer combo featured in the London opening ceremony. This year Armani kits out Italy for the 2016 games with ‘ITALIA’ in gold on their tracksuits, combined with a classic navy and white colour palette. The kits also feature the Italian flag colours on the collars. 

(Image right: Team USA designed by Ralph Lauren)

Australian Gold medallist Shane Gould’s swimsuit from the Olympic Games in Munich 1972 was memorable for fashioning the traditional colours of Australia. The swimsuit she wore was green and yellow with a pink pattern, a striking style compared the plain, formal designs that feature in the majority of Olympic kits.

British athletic Olympic couple Sheila Sherwood and John Sherwood were style icons from the 1968 Games in Mexico. Their classic style is relevant today, with Adidas gazelles returning to the world of fashion. The couple who had matching tracksuits both won medals in the Olympics – Sheila won Silver in the Long Jump, whilst John won bronze for the 400m hurdles.

olympics 2016 team gbThe 1988 Seoul Olympics will be remembered for USA’s sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner hooded leotard – very stylish. Not only was her chic style memorable she never failed at her sport coming out of the 1988 Seoul Olympics having won 3 gold medals, in particular she is honoured for her running which had broken records.

Another USA style highlight was from the London 2012 USA gymnastics team, which were filled with glamour. The gymnasts had red leotards that were embellished with rhinestones and crystals that were not only eye catching but also led the team to win an overall of six medals. Gymnast Alexandra Raisman won gold for her team being captain.

(Image left: Team GB kits designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas)

Michelle Smith highlighted exactly what 90’s fashion was all about in her shell tracksuit jacket and denim shorts in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

And here at FashionCapital’s Fashion Studio we were lucky enough to have played a part in Olympic history when we were asked to produce some of the garments worn by team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games. While fashion designer Stella McCartney teamed up with Adidas for a second time to produce this year’s Team GB kits.

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