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FashionCapital at Tottenham Together


Along with showing the massive regeneration plans of the area, the event brought together businesses, voluntary and community groups as well as local public organisations displaying local activities, job and volunteering opportunities available for all different people.

FashionCapital were able to showcase a variety of different opportunities for people in the local area. We gained positive attention and there were many people that were interested in the company. From people trying to uplift groups of individuals to independent people aiming to go back into their hobbies of textiles and sewing. Not only were people very positive about FashionCapital because of the manufacturing that still occurs in the area, our stand also enabled them to give an insight into the history and background to Tottenham. One resident was very pleased to hear about the factory and mentioned the intention to make more people aware in the area about Fashion Enter and what we do.


Not only were we able to present FashionCapital, there were a variety of other activities and organisation available:



 This fun-packed celebration was very beneficial to the local area, making residents aware and up-to-date with news and opportunities in the community. We at FashionCapital & Fashion Enter were grateful to be part of this event that was filled with community spirit!

By Shivanee Tailor

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