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Fashion Enter at Haringey Means Business


For the first time the Haringey Means Business was held by Haringey Council and Fashion Enter was lucky enough to have the opportunity to host a stand, network and meet other local businesses and companies. From talking to members of the council, exhibitors and visitors the event went down a treat.

Members of our editorial, marketing and work experience team attended the impressive business to business event, gaining the opportunity to network as well as visit other exhibitors and go to informative talks/seminars. The event was insightful as there were a variety of businesses that attended.

This event brought together over 30 business owners and decision-makers to network, attend seminars, build new business relationship and shop for suppliers that provide unique products and services to help grow their business. One of the intriguing seminar styles was the speed networking session which allowed people to communicate with others in a fun and initiative way.


Many of the companies in attendance were either start-up or very new to the business area, and were very attracted by Fashion Enter and what it had to offer. A couple of magazine creators were eager to collaborate with Fashion Enter, in particular one was a magazine aimed at over 50’s and the lady behind the business was positive in the possibility to cover a story on FashionCapital and make her readers aware of the courses and the fashion industry itself. One of the business companies called Nice Guys an office suppliers company, even went to the extent to tell us that he thought we were actually one of the most exciting and interesting companies that attended the event as a fashion company with manufacturing as well as an educational background.  

“Meeting new entrepreneurs and clients was exciting, it enabled us to learn about businesses that were just starting up and gave us the ability to understand entrepreneurs on a personal level and learn the concept behind their thought-process and aims.”

Katherine and Lydia went to a seminar called ‘Awaken the Genius inside You’ which was by Alex Gordon – Master your Message. The students said it was intuitive and enabled them to understand how to make a business unique and different from the crowd, as well as the ability to pitch something different. It also highlighted how to create a large following through confidence boosts in individuals. Alex Gordon gave pointers about how to be a genius in three ways:


Alex Gordon spoke to us at our stand about his business and the focus to help people and businesses with public speaking and confidence after he realised it was a talent of his from a young age and recognised that it was a key issue for many individuals.

haringeymb“Many that visited our stand were eager to pass on our contact details to others that they knew would be interested in the services we offer.”

It was interesting to learn about other companies in the area and find out a little more about what they do.  A variety of businesses were approachable, from accounting, creatives and health orientated. In addition many individuals were also attracted to our stand because of the courses and apprenticeships offered to young people.  

“The ability to network with people on a business level was something that I had never done before but it was a good opportunity because it allowed me to become confidence in myself as well as with Fashion Enter as a company. The more I was able to communicate with others meant the more I was learning about business and the local community, as well the ability to share awareness of Fashion Enter. Also, what made us so approachable was our stand that Rebekah and I set up with leaflets and bags, along with sign-up sheets for people to give contact details to stay in touch with us. I look forward to network events in the future, and hope they are as successful as this one.”

By Shivanee Tailor

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