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Jenny Holloway Speaks at the TCBL 2


TCBL TALKTradition and technology. Tradition is at the heart of textiles and clothing but the industry is also open to innovation, collaboration, new business models and the development of new technologies that can equip people with the means to bring a new prosperity to their communities. The TCBL presentations aim to engage with and inspire the audience through their diverse combination of topics, different approaches and challenges to the human spirit.

jenny hollowayThe first TCBL Event invites you to find out how the textiles and clothing sector is responding to major change. The morning session – TCBL Talk – will look at new trends, consumer choices and customisation, the environment and new technologies and provide a range of provocative speakers, including FashionCapital CEO Jenny Holloway (pictured right), offering new perspectives on these issues and how her business is leading the way in education alongside growth; the afternoon – TCBL Jam – will showcase ideas from all over Europe on how this might work in practice, developing new business models and collaborative ventures along the way.

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