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Capsule Paris – CAMPBELL COLE


campbell cole feb 16The congenial Ian Campbell Cole was on hand to explain the back-story for this leather artisan, focusing on crafted bags, wallets, designer key holders and probably pretty much anything he fancied in this medium.

“Stocked at LN:CC A/W 15 and 16 and showing at Capsule. It’s been organic growth really working as designer / founder with my partner.”  The leather is sourced from Italy and a lot of the items are made in the midlands, being Nottingham based. “We try to manufacture in the UK. Logistically it’s a good thing to do and the ethos is right. We work very closely with our factory, its pretty close and we are super pernickety about quality – so much easier all round.”

Aside from LN:CC in London, they are stocked in Peggs & Son in Brighton, the Up There Store, in Melbourne; Centre Commercial, Paris; 115 Taipei – a very interesting, eclectic mix, suggesting they can go anywhere on the compass and the interest in well-made designer leather goods as accessories for established boutiques. It’s a logical product range expansion for a traditional apparel-focused store – Savile Rowe included.

Their 3rd season at Capsule and coming back tells its own story as regards business traction and interest. What’s their design aesthetic? “Clean, simple made to last.” Reasonably priced, £29-£140 for wallets; £950 for leather backpacks; £250 for wash bags. We parted company discussing an enterprising ‘Nottingham traders / artisan market Ian had got off the ground, that despite a lot more work than he anticipated, sounded like a great way to connect the consumer with local home grown suppliers and producers with ‘made in UK.’


By Paul Markevicius

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