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Capsule Paris: EAT DUST


Every brand has a story. This one unashamedly was from the Easy Rider Amsterdam men’s lifestyle, where eating dust is a vehicular obligation.

eat dust

Inspired by a motorcycle collaboration idea with the famous UK biker brand Lewis Leathers, they simply approached the notoriously ‘we don’t do collaborations brand’ (except with Comme De Garcons perhaps) who said yes. The result is a cool limited edition Italian felted wool biker jacket weighing in at a kilo, (that’s heavy for wool) and manufactured in Portugal.

So the moral is don’t be afraid to approach even the biggest brand with an idea, assuming it’s well thought through and isn’t simply ripping off their brand presence. I liked seeing the biker jacket silhouette molded into and transformed texturally by another fabric, giving a new dimension as a functional fashion garment. Throttle down Rob and Keith.


By Paul Markevicius

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