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LFW: Charity Fashion Live


charity fashion live longDuring this September’s London Fashion Week the public will have the chance to get involved with a fun styling initiative; Charity Fashion Live. 

Everyone is invited to follow the live action on Twitter (@CharityFashLive) and Instagram (@CharityFashionLive) as the event unfolds on Saturday 19th September 2015, from the Oxfam Dalston Kingsland store. Through social media you will see Charity Fashion Live stylist, Emma Slade Edmondson, in full creative flow as she educates all in the art of putting outfits together and demonstrates the benefits of clothingre-use based on live catwalk images.

Top fashion photographer Rachel Manns will be on hand to capture each look as it appears on the charity shop catwalk and the team will share a play-by-play account of the day, trend predictions and style tips on social media as they go.

The Charity Fashion Live Oxfam Takeover event is brought to you by partners ‘Recycle for London’ and ‘Love Your Clothes’, the campaign aimed at helping us get the most out of our clothes. With trends changing season by season, it can be difficult to keep up, particularly on a budget. But with around 1.1 million tonnes of clothing being discarded every year by UK consumers, there is a treasure trove available at a fraction of the price in Oxfam stores. Charity Fashion Live will prove that second hand clothing can be bang on trend. All you need is a little creative know-how.

Other London Oxfam stores will be hosting #FashionSalvage events on the same day. Together with Recycle for London and Love Your Clothes there will be designers and upcycling specialists showing you how to alter, repair and re-style items of pre-loved clothing to turn them into new looks, helping you add a personal touch to your new purchases – or to a piece that’s been stuck at the back of your own wardrobe for too long.

“Fast fashion has created a climate in which people have a throw away relationship with their clothes, with over 350,000 tonnes of clothing going into landfill in the UK every year.  With a little creativity, we can all put something really stunning together using second hand threads.” Emma Slade Edmondson, Back of the Wardrobe

Charity fashion live 1

Get involvedon Saturday 19th September on Twitter at @CharityFashLive and @Oxfamfashion; Instagram at @CharityFashionLive or on the Facebook account CharityFashionLive. You can also get help and inspiration at home by visiting www.loveyourclothes.org.uk for tips and ideas on fixing, upcycling and caring for your clothes.

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