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Savage Beauty Exceeded Expectations


mcqueen savage 1The exhibition that had closed its doors on the 2nd August had attracted 493,043 people during its 21-week run. Director of the V&A Martin Roth, stated that the show was, “one of the most unpredictable, dramatic and spectacular exhibitions we have ever staged and it exceeded expectations.”

The demand for exhibition tickets was unrelenting and the V&A for the very first time kept the exhibition open throughout the night to accommodate “unprecedented” demand in its final two weeks.

Additionally, the accompanying exhibition book “Alexander McQueen,” edited by Claire Wilcox, has become the V&A’s most successful publication, with more than 80,000 copies sold.

FashionCapital editor JoJo Iles visited the exhibition when it first opened said that “the allure of the exhibition goes much further than fashion; you could say that McQueen was more of an artist; his inspiration and creativity ran far deeper than a successful career in well-cut clothes. On exit you feel like you’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotions – you feel moved and that’s a very unique feeling to get after visiting a fashion exhibition.”

The appeal of the exhibition revealed that visitors had travelled far and wide attending from 87 countries including far-flung places such as East Timor and Uzbekistan.

mcqueen savage 4

The V&A’s most successful exhibitions:

  1. Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty (2015)
  2. Art Deco (2003)
  3. Wedding Dresses (2014)
  1. David Bowie (2013)

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