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Now On: Rayne Shoes For Stars


I met up with Nick Rayne at the press launch of the opening to the ‘Rayne Shoes For Stars’ exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum and it was like seeing an old friend. We had kept in touch from the preview and it was a delight to see one of his ambitions come to fruition, many months in the planning. And before going any further, let me whole-heartedly recommend you to visit this exquisite display of shoes, from one of the UK’s most illustrious family shoe brands – now being revived. It encapsulates the history of so many things in one, showcasing over 100 shoes and boots from ten decades; stardom, innovation in shoe design and fabrics, and the burgeoning close relationship with fashion, couture and style trends. Many designs commissioned by luminaries including Norman Hartnell, Jean Muir, Hardy Amies, Bruce Oldfield, Roger Vivier and Mary Quant.

fash text rayne shoes


fash text rayne shoes nickLittle tidbits of news, not apparent to all, Nick (pictured right) was able to share included the fact that the exhibition is going to be stimulated by a series of unique happenings, in sync with the global penetration this brand had historically, as various individuals, museums and archives release their private Rayne collections back for exhibiting. Get this…

“Marlene Dietrich’s Rayne shoes are in transit now from Berlin and should be on display next week. And we are still hoping to borrow the original Rayne/Messel display case now owned by the famous set designer Michael Howells.”

So, reasons for going again and again!

It is inspiring to see this revival and one becomes passionate about wanting to see Rayne re-occupy prime positioning alongside the shoe giants of today, and it’s rightful place in the fashion world’s pecking order. Nick has no illusions about the need to demonstrate that they have a viable, attractive style proposition to the current market, and not simply expect to draw from their past glories, as skin-tingling wonderful as they are. I hope to see wonderful interesting collaborations (who would not want to associate with Rayne, for head to toe styling?) along with perhaps some unexpected edgy appearances – pop-ups in BoxPark as well as Mayfair. It’s all to play for and I sincerely hope the Italian owners steering this most British of brands will find just the right niche to propel a whole new generational chapter in the story of Rayne. Something for Nick to pass on to his family perhaps?


By Paul Markevicius


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Rayne Shoes For Stars at the Fashion & Textile Museum 22nd May – 30th August 2015


Fashion & Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XF


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