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Fashion Saves Lives Sale


The Fashion Saves Lives sale aims to raise money for Save the Children to help prevent 17,000 children dying every day from easily preventable causes such as pneumonia and malaria. Hosted by Save the Children ambassadors Erin O’Connor and Mary Portas, the Fashion Saves Lives sale will be hosted exclusively on the Mary’s Living & Giving eBay store for a ten-day period from 18th – 28th June.

save the children sale

Sam Bailey makes a donation

save the children sale stanleyWith over a month to go, the collection already boasts some amazing donations including; two tutus as worn by Alex and Steven Gerrard’s daughters, Stella McCartney pieces from Melanie C and beautiful cashmere jumpers as worn by Rachel Stevens’ son.

With children’s fashion pieces being donated daily from high end fashion brands, designers and celebrities, the unique children’s pieces will be showcased via the online eBay store, throughout the ten day sale period.

(Image right: Stanley Tucci sorts out his donation)

Mary Portas said: “By buying a pre-loved item from the Mary’s Living & Giving’s ebay shop you not only give the clothes a new lease of life but you also help save the lives of children who are needlessly dying from preventable causes like pneumonia or malaria.”

Erin O’Connor said: “I am extremely proud to be hosting such an amazing collection of fashionable donations with Mary and the team at Save the Children. By purchasing a pre-loved piece for your child, you can help ensure that other children around the world have the chance to live a healthy life. Visiting India with the charity and learning that 6.3 million children currently die each year from easily treatable causes has left me feeling determined that every child should have the chance to lead the long and healthy life we all strive for, for our own children.”

save the children sale clothing

Great childrenswear donations as shown above




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