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LFW day one – Antoni & Alison


A brass band were poised by the entrance to the catwalk, they supplied the music for the show which began with a series of simply cut, silky shift dresses. Mostly with wide neckline and thick straps or t-shirt sleeves, the base colour was usually either cream or nude but on top was a combination of all different prints that seemed to get bigger and more bold as the show went on.


The prints started off with a simple black and white checked section, then out came dresses with large, thick colourful brush strokes across the front and back, some in darker colours to begin with but quickly turning to purples, yellows and oranges. Jewels were also printed on the dresses as the colour started to develop, large prints especially cut to the pattern of the dress. Other print designs included abstract floral scenes, polka dots and large bows (which reminded me slightly of clowns), spray painted sections, abstract streaked colourful prints were placed on the longer maxi style garments which had knee length slits up both sides allowing the garment to float and move with the model.

The dresses were sometimes teamed with cropped black jackets, simple yet effective and tying in with the earlier darker colours from the collection and the details on few of the garments, like a thick black waistband that was tied around the back in one of the looks.

Quickly I began to notice that all the different print designs on the dresses began to merge together, and it became simple dress with highly interesting busy pattern all over, each piece was very unique and well thought out, there seemed to be a good balance between simplicity and excitement.

Emily McSharry


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