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London Fashion Week – Willow



The invitation was a plank of wood (willow I assume) wrapped in grease proof like paper and string. Like a little parcel. I didn’t quite know what to expect as I haven’t been to one of her shows before. But the catwalk space was located underground, rather mysterious. It was very dark as I entered, and as soon as the first look went down the runway it was obvious that her style was delicate and soft just like her invitation.

Willow wanted to capture the moment “between imagination and reality – omnipotence of a dream” and she achieved it. The first looks were made up of biker jackets with added peplums at the bottom, but instead of black they were nude peaches with a softened leather look, to juxtapose the top half the bottom half was a soft floaty skirt. Details of silver zips were added to give the shimmering eye catching glimmer which complimented the natural palette.

The skirts and trousers billowed palazzo style down the runway in a great midi length, this cut was beautiful as it elongated as well as slim the legs. The fabrics contrasted against design on the garments, giving a balance between the two as if dream and reality were battling each other. 

A delightful short sleeve cardigan left the runway in a black knitted fine wool, trimmed with leather. This would be a look I’d love to have in my wardrobe, paired with another floaty black midi skirt. The looks were slick elegance, natural faces and poke straight hair. Peach metallic made a subtle entrance on white dresses enhancing the idea of dreaming. It was rather beautiful. The last two dresses were spectacular, the two dresses were made in the softest shade of grey in organza, the centre bodice was edged in peach metallic embroidery and the winged arms billowed behind like bubbles being blown. Shimmering iridescently and magically down the catwalk the finale looks topped of the show.

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