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London Fashion Week – Heohwan Simulation


As the collection came out more colours come into the collection, bright greens, orange and yellow,the colour in the collection is used in the colour blocking way, whole garments will be one coloursuch as the yellow jacket. The large spaces of colours and originally greyscale garments are allteamed with chunky black heels and socks.

The cut of the garments id quite square and loose, especially the blazers, they are cut very straightand hang nicely off the models small frame, as does the silky oversized trousers that billows behindthe model as she walks down the catwalk.

Small details have been used in this collection; some parts of the leather have been laser cut veryintricately in a repeat pattern and others in a small dotted pattern, this particular style has had athick yarn threaded through to create another pattern of straight lines on top of the leather. Thetrousers feature box pleats which is the reason behind the extra fabric when the model walks. Fewof the jackets featured in the collection have very high collars and were styled with their sleevespushed up, giving the impression of extra fabric hidden there too.
A particular piece that was quite unique was a jumpsuit/jacket, the top section had the large collarand the fabric the whole garment is made from is definitely a jacket fabric, however it works well onthe trousers also.
A good combination of fabrics and small details made this show interesting, the hints of colourworked well and didn’t take away from the interesting silhouettes and cut of the clothes.



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