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London Fashion Week – Spijkers en Spijkers



The first dress was made up of diagonal line, triangular panels of colour and flattering shapes. Black, navy, white and red colours made up the dress. Striped V shapes repeated from the V shaped neckline down the front of the dress and another section of V shapes pointed into the models waits making its flattering and striking. This set the trend for much more of the collection, different coloured triangles were pointing in all directions, slotting together well. The way that the panels copy the shapes of the neckline work well in this collection, a thinner strapped dress has a quite a low V-neck which has been copied at the back of the garment.

The shape of the dresses are quite simple, mostly V-necks and pulled in at the waist, however it seems as though no darts have been used on the dresses in this collection, the excess fabric usually sewn into a dart has been used to create a sweet section of bouncy pleats, giving the garments body and pretty detailing. The use of different coloured panels on some of the dresses almost change the style of the dress and make them look as though they could be wrap around dresses.

Printed silk twill dresses and trousers came out towards the end of the collection, featuring the muse of the collection Marchesa Luisa Casati in the style of a fashion illustration, also garments using crochet and brocade pannels featured in the collection, some completely see through.

Tiny thin gold chains were used in this show which almost went unnoticed, the hair was pin curled but in more loose style, and every model had a very skinny gold headband across their foreheads.

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