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London Fashion Week – Ekaterina Kukhareva



Styled with a pink thick headband and round glasses it gave over a seventies feel that has modern revival of new colours.

More patterns were featured in the collection, symmetrical circular patterns, crosses, stars, hexagons and stripes, all in ever changing bright colours, all of them resembling patterns you could find on 70s furniture. A trend that appeared numerous times throughout the collection was a large rectangle panel that began at the neckline of tops and dresses and went to mid torso. Pleats were also a strong theme in the collection, with whole trousers being made of pleated fabric and yet sometimes just the bottom section of pencil skirt giving a fishtail effect.

A swimsuit popped up every now and again during the show, sporting a classic shape with a more interesting back, and again with a bright and bold shaped pattern. And the styling of the show was an main aspect, the large chunky colour blocked shoes were eye-catching throughout the whole show, the round sunglasses usually has some design on the top corners, a section of the frame had been coloured and had a large visible shape that too, was always changing. Sweet little hats with matching bows were worn with some of the more simple dresses and a lot of the models has heavy looking gold earrings and necklaces.

Speaking to the designer after the show, she said that spent months preparing for her first London Fashion Week and was running high on the adrenaline from her first professional show.

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