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Craig Lawrence


The first piece that arrived on the catwalk was a fitted, thin knitted dress which had a gold glittery thread running through it to the knee featuring a racer shaped front. The dress was worn with matching leggings, these reached the ankle and met grey ankle socks and black leather shoes. The outfit was styled with plastic bum bags and small purses attached to the top of the arm. The hair was another interesting part to the styling of this outfit: scraped back pony tails with gelled curls plastered to the sides of the models head in front of the ears.

As the collection developed the collections gold tones, turned to silvery and the racer shaped front complimented the low backs of some of the garments, hooded garments came out and the glittery woven sections on the garments started to become more obvious, particularly in the photographs taken were it almost looks like lines of neon light has been inserted into the garments. Halfway through the show a new aspect of the collection was added, in the form of microfiber, white, hair that burst from the seams of the garments, bouncing around the body of the model as she walked down the catwalk. These hairs gradually turned into streamer like strands that you would find at the end of the handle bars on a girls bike, these made poncho like shapes over the top of the fitted knitted dresses and sometimes even were used as the only fabric on the garments.

Although not completely wearable for every day, Craig Lawrence definitely designed and unique and memorable collection. The styling worked well to compliment the shapes and textured fabrics in the collection.


By Zoe Barrow

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