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Iona Levy’s Spring/Summer Collection



“My inspiration came from fish. Not boring goldfish or dull coloured shrimp, the type of fish that are only found in the depths of the ocean; over sized bubble cheeks, glitter blooded, diamond eyed, transparent bodies and all in bright electric colours. Basically to sum up, my collection was inspired by barbie fish tripping on acid and glitter, and hardcore mermaids with bright pink hair!

The transparent fish were what gave me the idea to use the clear PVC fabric, despite being one of the most challenging and difficult fabrics to work with, I wanted to have the idea of being able to see through objects, be it a fish or a dress sleeve!

                   ionalevy1 ionalevy2

There were two main fish which were the main inspiration and the only found outside of Europe; the Portuguese Man O’ War Jellyfish – very deadly, sting can kill – and the Napoleon Wrasse which is a pretty ugly fish with an unusually shaped head. The Napoleon Wrasse and the Bubble Cheek fishes were what inspired the silhouette and shapes in my collection.

The garments are made entirely of leather, neoprene and glitter tinsel. I used neon pink lamb leather, 3D fish scale spray painted cow leather, and two different types of fish scale skins; one metallic from Paris and the other a mixed colour of pink and white rough fish scale skin.

My collection represents all things different, eccentric, loud, and all with a hint of fun. Their purpose is to decorate the body, the body was designed to be used as an ornament, to dress in crazy things and to stand out from the typical standard garment, which is seen on bodies on a day-to-day basis.


To me, clothes play a huge part in the ways which people judge, and also how you as a person want to be seen as, but I feel that because people are harsh judges these days that we’re too scared to really properly show off who we are. The amount of times I’ve walked into a store and thought, “Who would actually wear this? It’s so dull, boring, and typical” we were made to dress differently and stand out, not to blend in with the crowd, therefore if I want to abuse my body with glitter, pink leather and heavy embellished leather jackets, then I shall!

In the future I hope to be able to set up my own label and to inspire young designers to embrace their fashion hand. I would love to have my own label and to produce the many other designs I have stashed in my head, designs which I am desperate to show the fashion world to. The catwalk should be prepared for an overload in sparkly fur with jewelled embellishment and tatty unicorns that snort glitter.”


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