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London Garments Expo and Jupiter Logistics Europe Ltd announce an exclusive strategic partnership for 2012


An earlier partnership this year with designer event PROFILE plus many more partner and sponsorships in the pipeline, LGE’12 sets to provide visitors and exhibitors alike with a host of exciting products and services at this year’s show.  


Fashion shows and exhibitions have always relied on the effective transportation of garments to and from a show, and the London Garments Expo is no exception. The exciting new partnership between LGE and Jupiter will strive to bring together companies focused on innovation and operational dynamism to compete in the ever changing worlds of fashion and logistics; and with 20 years experience under their belt, Jupiter is the prime choice for offering customers inspiration and fresh perspectives on how they can achieve their logistics goals within fast evolving business environments.


For over 2 decades Jupiter Logistics Europe Ltd has developed a strong reputation within the logistics industry providing first-rate customer service in conjunction with their parent company Japan Airlines (JAL). With a network of 62 world-wide offices centered around major manufacturing cities, a choice of Land, Ocean and Air freight available, and delivery of garments right to their stands, exhibitors of LGE’12 will be able to rest assured that their products have been handled with care and delivered safe and sound.

This new and exclusive collaboration between Jupiter and the London Garment Expo, the first undertaken by Jupiter Logistics Europe, hinges on the ability to rapidly respond to customers requirements. The partnership enables us to provide our expertise and the logistics link between new British designers, international manufacturers and the global markets. Dale Gilbart, Director of Jupiter UK.

Shipping instructions and order forms are now available on the London Garments Expo website. For further information on the range of services available please email Dale Gilbart or visit their website Dgilbart@jupiterlogisticseurope.com / http://www.jupiterlogisticseurope.com/index

London Garments Expo in association with PROFILE
he union between LGE and PROFILE has been praised last week from Asos womenswear fashion director, Caren Downie, who has frequently worked with organizers of the PROFILE event, Fashion Capital.
“I have long supported new designers and Profile provides an excellent platform for designers to showcase. This year combining design with manufacturing is a great development with the London Garment Expo”.
With this seal of approval in mind LGE’12 looks forward to hosting a selection of the best up and coming British designers at the event, as well as buyers from well known establishments and online retail stores.

A new B2B platform for the fashion and manufacturing industry has now launched on our website. The B2B Match Making service allows visitors and buyers to set up meetings with exhibiting designers and manufacturers at the show.  This new facility will allow visitors to schedule their time effectively based on exhibitors they want to see, and maybe even have a little time for the odd seminar or catwalk show.



Jupiter Logistics Europe Ltd has been in existence since 1985 as a worldwide logistics service provider and is proud to be part of an extensive network with 60 branches located in major cities in over 20 countries across the continents to offer efficient and reliable logistics services to our valued customers. Jupiter UK will be joining the London Garments Expo s official logistics partner for the duration of the 2012 show.

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