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BOTOCY clothing is not only dedicated to high quality and immaculate finishing’s but also reintroducing the concept of beauty in simplicity.

The world we live in has become complicated and the perception of beauty has become distorted. The standard of beauty is now dictated by what we have been socialized into believing .Generations are growing up believing in a notions of uncontested conformity including notions of unachievable standards of beauty.

Simplicity has now been down played and de”cool”anised as we have been colonized into an  aesthetically acceptable people. Individuality has been replaced with clusters of sub cultures; we are all “fashionably” dying to belong.

Fashion is a loud, powerful tool that is becoming stronger by the decade; commercialism in fashion is slowly manipulating the buyer and giving the buyer less and less of a voice.

BOTOCY is not promising to release the modern man from the clenches of worldly systems or free fashion slaves from the clenches of their inner battles. BOTOCY simply offers Batswana expression, for those who dare to be heard and subtle protests within commercial fashion.

BOTOCY is simply dedicated to the expression of beauty.

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The Botocy Brand was officially launched in April 2011 at the Gaborone Fashion weekend Fashion Show 2011.

The garments are produced the designers home studio as production is still minimal and the business is still in its early stages , catering mainly to private clients and private events such as weddings.

CELLPHONE: +26772474301

EMAIL:  bchalebgwa@yahoo.co.uk


WEBLINKS: facebook.com/Botocy Or Botho Botocy Chalebgwa

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