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Designers Exhibiting at Profile: Black Trash Clothin’




The directorship of Black trash consist of two citizens, all of whom have a strong design and marketing background with vast amounts of skill and experience as well as extensive knowledge of the industry.



Gertrude Motopamele – Her wide experience and qualification in Fashion Design and marketing puts her in the unique position to understand and appreciate the process involved in designing as well as production. This will ensure that the client’s needs are met and the finished product is of high quality. She also has extensive knowledge of fabrics, their qualities and properties including longevity and colour fastness. She also has experience in procurement, sourcing and identifying quality fabrics for particular outfits. Having a textile background is an added bonus.



Kutlwano Mogojwe – A strategic marketing expert with experience attained in launching and running a successful and renowned design house with a strong and distinct brand. His main responsibilities lay in designing clothes for the brand. With experience in brand and corporate identity development Mr. Mogojwe is responsible for the creative implementation for production. He coordinates and maintain adherence to standards set by the client, from the design to the production stage.


Black trash is edgy, chic and yet constantly looking for a new fashion handwriting. Our style is for a character who juggles aspect of a busy contemporary lifestyle and never afraid to bend the rules of fashion. With the’ exposure to the international fashion industry, It is with this focus that, Black Trash clothing was formed with the sole responsibility of bringing the latest and different fashion trends to an edgiest individual.

The Black trash clothes are designed with a free and spontaneous individual in mind, who distinctively defines the look, energy and attitude of today. Our style is for a young middle aged individual, who lives in a metropolitan dwelling and living a contemporary lifestyle.

The brand has both local and international recognition.

Please follow the link to see some of Black Trash Clothin’s designs


Expertise of manpower

We adhere to stringent quality measures and timely delivery of services and products. To this end, we ensure that our services and products are of the highest standard with careful consideration being made to strict compliance of structured process and documented project management, measurement and evaluation.


SABC 2 – Black trash with SABC showcasing traditional Tswana wear (leteisi).The outfits are very ethnic contemporary yet timeless and classic.

Studio 53 – Black trash in conjunction with Redds fashion shows from Botswana to Tanzania. The clothes (men) are more utilitarian (very military, useful and practical)

Provided wardrobe for the following: Mnet representatives (Noxy Mavundhla), 21 Miss Botswana contestants (This was the start of a new era, the genesis of local fashion and Miss Botswana. Black trash is proud to have been part of these exciting and yet challenging times), Miss Botswana world (The excitement of putting together this wardrobe of 11 gowns was a different experience. Each gown had individual sense of style and character. A mixture of classic European from the 1920’s feels, to Afro ethnic contemporary, with a chic metropolitan twist.), Miss Malaika (The wardrobe is western African influence with a twist of bionic puffed sleeves and full circular bottom. The fabrics are more of Central African origins with brightly colorful organic prints. Maibuye iAfrica), Btv Presenters (Black trash had the privilege to be the first to dress the Botswana Television (Btv) presenters when the station was still at its crawling stage. This was also the beginning of a new era), Btv show: Chalk and Cheese (This was when local fashion and local TV shows started to co-exists. Black trash was the first local designers to provide wardrobe for a locally produced TV show), BOMU awards (Black trash was the first to provide the wardrobe for the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) awards. The wardrobe was more into embracing the diverse cultural music of Botswana with Setswana influenced outfits with an added twist of modern contemporary), Maitisong theatre (The costumes are a mixture of classic Shakespeare costumes fused with Setswana inspirations.The costumes are more on the avant-garde (very theatrical and musical)), Mascom Gemstone models (Viva la catwalk haute couture under the African sun).



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