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Designers Exhibiting at Profile: Oceanic Fashion Jewellery Shop



Creators, Designers and wholesalers of Fashion Jewellery & Accessories since 1977.


Whenever the word fashion comes in conjugation with jewellery standards, the talks and thoughts get drifted inadvertently to Majique. Our admirers call us ‘synonymous to Magic’, ‘the charmer’, ‘the spell caster’, but here, we unveil the truth. Our Alladin’s lamp has always been our sheer, desperate intention to make avant-garde jewellery accessible to all.

Precisely, Majique is a British brand in fashion jewellery bringing the most voguish designs of the respective era to those who value higher things in life. Born in 1977, we have grown as an established and acclaimed brand in fashion jewellery. With our roots in UK, we have extended our r each as the wholesale jewellery company with esteemed array of clientele across countries like Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Middle East, USA, Australia, Austria, HongKong, China, Russia, Korea and South America, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Poland and Iceland.

Since the business was established, Oceanic and its flagship brand Majique have relentlessly focused on honing its core capabilities of designing, creating and supplying jewellery to its continually growing base of wholesale and trade clients.

We are a British company, headed by an experienced chairman and executives. We believe that nurturing core values has gained us a leading role in the market of fashion jewellery and accessories today.

We are based in the heart of London’s fashionable Soho, the uk capital’s corporate fashion centre, where we rub shoulders with the couture houses that produce inspirational ornaments of the highest standard.


Our Showroom

Our showroom can be found at 50-51 Berwick Street, London W1F 8SJ, where we showcase our full range of jewellery and accessories in our showroom. Fully-equipped studio, setting the perfect scene for our discerning clients.

Since 1977 Oceanic has been your jewellery provider, starting from a scratch to a branded product. The super models of London use and wear our fashionable jewellery with the pride and honour.

We are creative in making styles and unique jewellery forms. You can find the latest jewellery at our showrooms or explore our easy to navigate website for all your needs. We alwasys give you the best products with superb customer service. You will find us in most fashion magazines and other media sources.

We have valuable clients all over the globe and supply wholesale jewellery to many countries worldwide like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Japan, Middle East, USA, Australia, Austria, China, Hong Kong, Iceland, Russia, South America & South Korea. We are UK’s favourite wholesale jewellery company. 

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