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Designers Exhibiting at Profile: Marina Prokopiva


These two counterparts blend from her dreams and beliefs to form unique, one of a kind or limited edition pieces that each hold a high level of sophistication and imagination. Every piece created by Marina Prokopiva is both jewellery and art that has come to life to represent the story of eternal values that have passed the test of time. These pieces reflect the universal transformation of eternal truths remaining strong and holding value while fleeting technologies, systems, and ideas have outdated and fallen to the ever-present future. Marina Prokopiva holds true to her passions by moving away from the traditional forms of jewellery to create collections that symbolically represent long-lasting beauty that will be appreciated on various levels.



Marina Prokopiva was recognized by International Jewellery London in July 2012 for best visual impact of a collection. The pieces from the collection were made using both rough and polished semiprecious stones such as Agate, Amethyst , Malachite, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald,  and Diamond, as well as very rare Moldavite and Selenium. These gemstones bring the collection to life by providing an amazing energy, history, texture and color to every piece. These luxurious and impactful designs display a confident and creative character that is well deserving of the attention of industry leaders and clients alike.

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