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FashionCapital at the London Garments Expo – Designers



The event took place at the Business Design Centre in the thriving and busy Borough of Islington in North London and is a fantastic way to promote new and emerging designers.



Riona Treacy


This collection combines the traditional Japanese hand-dye technique Shibori, with modern textiles including neoprene and rubber coated lycra, translating each piece into a timeless blend of rigid structure and fluid colour.

Each garment is a contrast between the fleeting beauty of youth and the brutal reality of inevitable decay. The fabric used gives a strong contrast to that decay referencing with its light and smooth texture. The garments looked stunning on the catwalk and were styled with subtle flashes of colour.



Beautiful Soul


This collection represents the true expression of old school femininity. With below the knee dresses, ruffled necklines and bold floral prints, this collection gave real diversity to the garments seen at this year’s profile event.

With the mixture of pastel and bold colour schemes on lace and light silks, the garments draped beautifully and accented the movement of the clothes on the catwalk.



Vjera Vilicnik


Every piece is hand crafted meticulously finished and soul stitched. Using the skills of hand crafting, each piece is created as a personal dedication. Each individual piece has a story, and becomes a friend on the journey of its creation. Quality over quantity and honesty in her designs is sole force behind the success of the brand, as this can be easily seen on the garments used in the catwalk. The evening dresses oozed sophistication and elegance, with delicate detailing which finished off the garments beautifully.

Vjera expresses the use of embellishment and stitching without overpowering her garments, these details differentiate her from other designers making her designs really stand out on the catwalk.



Charli Cohen

Charli’s styling influences were from the fusion of sportswear with high fashion garments. She aimed to fully incorporate wearable and useable sports products, while emphasising them through a fashion perspective. She designed items with the adaptation of real gym equipment, including a bar bell as the handle for a gym bag. The electric use of yellow combined with more traditional gym wear colours such as grey, white and black really stands out as a prominent colour for the collection. Charli’s designs really took Profile by storm and gave the event real diversity and imagination.



Arianna Cerrita


These designs are combination of jewellery and garment designs. The use of jewellery used as attached features to the garments really portrays Ariannas signature style. The designs express sophistication in evening wear, with the use of silks and light lace, they express that they would be predominantly used for the most exclusive evening events. The jewellery collection on its own was also extremely vivacious and captivating, offering several ways to wear each piece gave variety.



Marianna Prokopiva

These exquisite jewellery and clothing designs are essentially an art of balance. The concept of style and contrast creates a wonderful combination of sensuous feminine power and playful provocation. The collection allows the wearer to create a glamorous day and an enchanting night. The use of delicately selected crystals and stones makes these pieces one of a kind and truly beautiful pieces.



These garments are a small selection of light and elegant tailored shirts, with added embellishment and styling to the cuffs and collars to add more personality. The subtle pastel colour scheme continues the delicate, feminine feel to the collection. These shirts added feminine sophistication to the catwalk without being overstated.





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