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Bluewater Launch – the biz!


The shop looked like a million dollars and absolute credit to the team who
has pulled off an amazing shopfit in under a week. The LFF are blessed with
some highly talented designers and the collections provided an awesome
inspiring mix of real designer talent.

With sales hitting almost £2,000 in just three hours of opening the signs
look exceptionally promising for everyone. This is just the type of project
the industry really needs. What ever you may say about the LFF, and we have
our supports and naturally our critics too, we do get the job done. WE
strive to find new and exciting projects that make a real difference to the
industry providing genuine networks to make sales and sustain growth. The
buzz at Bluewater was brilliant and thanks to our wonderful sales team now
fully in place.

Special mention must go to Naolini our wonderful Manageress at Bluewater
plus the sales team of Nikki, Nicola, Pierra, Rachel and Rachel. What a
dynamite team!

Sales today are off to a flying start with five sales made in the first
hour! But then just look at the merchandise in the pictures below…..


Jenny Holloway (Industry Advisor)



Phone UK : 07946-20-69-20
Phone Int. : +44-7946-20-69-20


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