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Apprenticeship VS University – Which Is Right For You?


Today (16/08/16) The Metro published a feature headlined “Graduates Playing Catch Up With Arty Apprentices”, pointing out that apprentices can earn a wage of up to four times as much as university graduates.  But is that real reason the younger demographic are choosing an apprenticeship over both university and A-Levels?

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Apprenticeships provide a hands on learning experience based in a real life surroundings, something that university degrees and A-Levels do not always necessarily provide.  

“So far I am enjoying my experience at Fashion Enter as I am always busy with tasks, which means that I am always learning something new about the fashion industry,” says Pattern Cutting apprentice Razina.

Marquel Williams-Braham has recently started a Level 3 apprentice in collaboration with BBC Strictly Come Dancing.  On his experience so far he says; I feel and see my skills growing as I’m working on more and more advanced garments.  I have the ability to show my passion, which is making clothes, whilst continuing to develop.”

Here at Fashion Enter, we not only pride ourselves on the ability to offer young people a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities within fashion, design, manufacturing, textiles and development, but also on our 100% employment rate.

Jenny Holloway commented:
“We were the first in the country to start the fashion apprenticeship programme almost seven years ago. This was requested by Creative Skillset the Government body. Since its launch I have seen amazing success stories with some truly wonderful people.  Look at this photo here. This is Lily and Iga who were apprentices trained by us for New Look.  Both are now Junior Garment Technogists at New Look. Iga is responsible for Denim (she has long blond hair) and Lily works in the jersey department. When Lily started she was only 17! How amazing is that for both ladies. Truly inspiring.”
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Adding to Jenny’s quote, Development Manager Jenni Sutton said: “We currently have 12 amazing apprenticeship jobs available and I’m looking g to recruit special can-do apprentices. We do need the under-19s to apply which is a request from the employers so if you want a career in fashion there’s no better way to train than with a FashionCapital.co.uk apprenticeship.”
Current apprenticeship opportunities include:
Garment Tech and Quality Control Apprentice with People Tree
Design Apprentice with Moseley Road
Garment Tech Apprentice with N16 Vintage
Buying and Merchandising Apprentice with N16 Vintage
Design Assistant Apprentice with N16 Vintage
Production Assistant with Lipstick Boutique
To find out more or to apply for apprenticeship opportunities available email jenni@fashion-enter.com or to apply via our website click here 

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