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Fashion Enter’s Apprentice of the Year


Razina Bapu has gained the 2016 Apprenticeship cup for her determination, ability and willingness to learn.

Razina comments: “Being chosen as the Apprentice of the year at Fashion Enter just six months into my apprenticeship is very exciting and encouraging for me, as it shows that my hard work and effort is being recognised by my colleagues. This will motivate me to do even better during my apprenticeship and learn a lot more along the way. It also shows that I made the right choice by taking the apprenticeship pathway in order to enter the fashion industry.”

16 march razina app award

Razina centre with the production team and Fashion Enter tutors

Razina also featured in an apprenticeship ‘in images’ focus in The Guardian and took part in the Creative Skillset National Apprenticeship Week video and photo shoot.

the guardian razina 15 march

apprentices 2016 skillset shot


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