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Goodbye Level 3 Apprentices from M&S


The garment technology pathway is a highly popular and a much needed industrially based Level 3 accredited qualification. Over the two years learning period the apprentices have learnt the importance of fit, garment  construction, the genuine meaning of quality, production methods, fabric and the properties of fabric and other such detailed specifications to ensure they can create fit and spec garments for production to appropriate standardised quality methods.

Krishan Hundal, Director of Technology- Quality and Innovation gave a heart-warming address to the students, “We would like to thank this particular cohort of learners, you should all be so proud to have done so well within M&S. Your development over the programme has been outstanding, you have all developed such confidence in your own ability.”  He continued by saying, “Be so proud of your achievements, feedback from all of your managers has been a testament to the brilliant job you have all done. You have paved the way for the new cohort and will always be a part of the M&S extended family.”

MS first batch apprentice awards copy

Newly appointed M&S Technical Administration Assistant Sharren Awere commented, “What a journey it has been! We all arrived two years ago today and had no idea what would be in store, this role is completely unknown until you are actually doing it. The fantastic training we have received at The Fashion Technology academy has really made this amazing.”

This was further supported by the apprentices who commented on the experiences they gained whilst training on field trips, stating they were an enjoyable part of the learning experience. Apprentice Lucy Turnill-Phillps praised the support given by the M&S team commenting, “The level of responsibility given to us by M&S has really helped us to grow, and that has been hugely important in our success as apprentices.”

The overriding message from the apprentices was one of appreciation to the M&S Teams, the teachers; Keely Smith and Wendy Coley and to The Fashion Technology Academy.

MS first batch group

Jenny Holloway commented, “It’s a real pleasure and honour to review the competency of the completed apprentices today. Credit to Wendy and Keeley who have worked so diligently with the apprentices and the proof really is in the pudding! The apprentices are so well rounded and professional. Congratulations to each and every one of them and we wish them success in the future careers.”

The two-hour presentation then resulted in a tour of the factory and the Fashion Technology Academy, an initiative that was funded by Haringey Council and ASOS.com to ensure longevity of important production skills for future generations.

Fashion Enter would now like to welcome the second cohort of apprentices that start at M&S on Monday 18th January.  

We welcome:

Annabel D’Souza

Cara Dickens

Gloria Massamba – Lutama 

Melissa Allada

Nadia Forkeerchand

Russie Miessi

Nicole Day

Let the good times roll!

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