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Apprenticeships Then and Now


Most common apprenticeships in 1914

1   Dressmaking

2   Engineering

3   Carpentry

4   Drapery

5   Millinery

6   Fitting

7   Joinery

8   Tailoring

9   Plumbing

10 Printing

Source: 1911 census data

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Most popular apprenticeships in 2014

1   Health and social care

2   Business administration

3   Management

4   Hospitality and catering

5   Customer service

6   Children’s care learning and development

7   Retail

8   Construction skills

9   Engineering

10 Hairdressing

Reflecting the career options and work opportunities of the time it is interesting to see the vast difference between the most common apprenticeships on offer 100 years ago.

Further facts about apprenticeships

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