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ASOS.com Assessment Day





The venue itself poses the opportunity for local companies to utilise the space for business purposes if unable to afford rent and rates.




The space was beautiful and inspiring; a perfect location for the assessment day with the apprentices.




Firstly the apprentices were greeted by the technical and talent teams at Asos.com with an introduction as to what the day would entail.




Each individual was then provided with a standard white t-shirt featuring a small pocket on the left breast to work into a new design that would best demonstrate their practical and design skills.




Asos.com had also provided a variety of garments for the students to dismantle and incorporate into their t-shirt designs.




Amidst the extremely creative group of apprentices, Asos.com invited each individual into an even more intriguing room featuring a fake glass floor adjacent to the hive of activity for one to one interviews.




Once the team at Asos.com had met each applicant throughout the 2 hour time frame, the apprentices were then asked to wear and walk in their creations in a catwalk like showcase.




A fun day was had by all and we would like to congratulate the apprentices for some of the fantastic t-shirts produced today in just 2 hours.



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