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Mary’s Bottom Line


Mary’s apprentices were trained under the Skillset Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles, which Fashion Enter is leading on for the country. Skillset also helped with interviewing candidates, advising the manufacturer and brokering their relationship with a training provider.

But you do not need to be the Queen of Shops to benefit from our work! We can advise businesses of all sizes on Apprenticeships as well as linking you with public funding. Plus from April, £1,500 will be available for small creative businesses taking on their first apprentice.

More than 1,000 people have taken Skillset Apprenticeships so far and we’re hoping for more. We are currently developing revolutionary Higher Level Apprenticeships that will provide an alternative entry route into traditionally degree-level careers in advertising, creative and digital media and fashion and textiles.

For more information on Skillset Apprenticeships and how they can benefit your business email apprentices@fashion-enter.com


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