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Justin Deakin Apprenticeship


Work along side Justin Deakin,  Britain’s leading men’s’ shoe designer

Justin Deakin shoes.

A great opportunity has occurred to work with one of Britain’s leading men’s’ shoe designers.

We are looking for a keen individual with an eye for men’s’ shoes we are offering the chance to work in our stand alone store in the vibrant east end of London and to be part of a small team that brings great men’s shoes to the market. The role is primarily in a retail, design and production capacity  and  the job will encompass everything from going to factories and learning how the shoes are made.

The apprenticeship course runs for a total of 24 months

To apply for this exciting position please email your enquiry to apprenticeships@fashioncapital.co.uk and use the reference MS/JD

Please forward a copy of your CV including your date of birth and list your GCSE qualifications by subject and grade achieved

This scheme is open to candidates 16 – 24 with 5 GCSE’s C or above. It is not open to candidates with degree level qualifications.

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