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Sannita Hancock – House of Fraser Apprentice


Having a close relationship with Fashion Capital and Fashion Enter for a couple of years as a contributing journalist during fashion weeks, Jemima introduced me to the apprentice scheme with House of Fraser and it seemed like a too good chance to miss. After studying at Weald of Kent Grammar and achieving GCSE’s as well as A Level’s, I went on to UCA to do an art foundation. This proved very significant in my education as it opened my mind and developed the idea of concept and time, this is needed in the fashion industry. Whilst attending I  also went to London, Paris and Graduate fashion week, which is always a brilliant experience, it’s a harshly fierce world and there’s no room for the shy. It’s helped me as a person to mature and understand the realities of the industry. 

After my year at UCA, I decided against university as I didn’t know which particular avenue I wanted to venture down. Instead I decided upon internships, this was the most hard working year yet worth while experience ever. I started out at Ralph Pink LTD helping him make his collection as well as start up his own business. I predicted trends, designed the commercial collection as well as creating the CAD work. I soon got offered a place at Browns and interned there for 3 months as a sales assistant at both main store and bridal store. It gave me a clearer in sight to the business and how retail works, seeing as this was a family run business it was a good place to gain experience and understand the process of retail. 

After my time ended there Ralph Pink invited me to come back to work for him, which is how the business quickly proceeded and was very close to launching. After a couple of months I decided to intern at Rainbow Wave, this was an excellent placement as I learnt the other side of retail. The selling and the buying as well as PR. I had to endure some unglamorous tasks yet everything was worth while and I learnt an extreme amount. And that’s how I come to the now, I am now a working apprentice at House of Fraser and very excited for the next year and a half there. My interest and persistence in fashion has always been on a high and I’ve stayed focused and hardworking but also proactive. I’m hoping after this apprenticeship it will open many doors for me and that I hope to have a successful future.


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