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Zoe Barrow


I felt for a while that continuing with my education wasn’t the right path for me. School was always felt like a chore to me, and I really didnt enjoy it. I feel in a competitive industry like the fashion industry the best way to ‘make it’ is through experience, therefore I was always eager to get out of the schooling setting and kickstart my career.


Fashion has always been a strong interest of mine, and a subject I could sit and talk about all day. To pursue a career in something I have a genuine interest in has always been a career goal of mine and I would love to have a job where no two days are the same. I feel that an apprenticeship in fashion and at Fashion Captial was really the right step for me. 
Experience in fashion:
My experience in fashion includes studying textiles during school and at A level.
My main experience and knowledge came from my own spare time, as I run a fashion blog, this is full of regular updates on my life and my development of style and fashion. I take photos of my outfits and show my personal style. From this I have gained regular readers and met lots of new amazing people. I’ve also recieved business enquires from big companies for advertising. For me this really helped me in developing my knowledge of the industry and how companies get their brand name ‘out there’ and known. I am an avid blog reader and love keeping up to date with trends and changing my style regularly.
I have basic sewing skills and taught myself the basics of a sewing machine, I have been sewing for around 4 years and am often making and customising my own clothes. From this I make and design items of clothing including t-shirts and skirts that I sell online on websites like my own online shop I run. I also expanded to Ebay and Asos Marketplace as this allows me to send my designs to international customers.
Journey so far:
Fashion Enter has really helped me in furthering my knowledge on the ins and outs of the fashion industry. 
I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the details behind fashion and the industry, while also gaining some great experience practially. 
Its been such a fun journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Check me out on zoebarrow.blogspot.com

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