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Showroom Assistant Apprenticeship With Macandi



Role Overview

As a Showroom Assistant you are the first impression that any visitor gets of the company and so it’s a vital role for our organisation. You need to be professional in appearance, personable and polite at all times. Your role is to provide administrative support to a sales team within our business.

The sales department produces a steady flow of paperwork and it’s the job of the Showroom Assistant to ensure this is dealt with timely and efficiently. It’s an important role as it allows the members of the sales team to spend more time selling and generating income whilst you provide the essential administration support.

Working in a sales environment is often quite pressurised and you’ll need to be super organized and able to remain calm under pressure.

Your role involves dealing with enquiries both on the phone and in person so you need to have a good working knowledge of the company as a whole, including key departments and staff.


Typical Duties


Minimum Qualifications

GCSE (level A-C) English and Maths


Previous Experience

Some previous work experience is essential; either in an office or customer facing environment.


Working Hours

In terms of working hours, you’re usually required to be present during normal opening hours for the business. This is generally 8:45 to 6, Monday to Friday but bear in mind that during peak periods of business we may require you to work weekends and evenings too so you need to be flexible. You will be allocated time off to attend your courses and given our full support.


To become an apprentice you must:


Please note you can not have a degree to do the Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme.

If you are interested please contact zoe@fashion-enter.com


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