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Macandi Apprenticeship (Showroom Assistant)



Established in 1999 Macandi represents several brands from our showroom in Central London. The diversity of our brands and our long-standing relationships with stores attracts over 250 buyers to appointments in our showroom each season. Our customers span the full range of the UK market from the premium department store to the independent boutiques.

The UK is our main market but we also attract buyers from Japan, the USA and Europe to view collections in London and Paris. Through our network of agents across Europe we can assist a brand in selling to all the major markets on the continent.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and build long term distribution strategies for the brands we work with which is aided by the knowledge we gain from running our own independent label, retail stores and ecommerce website alongside the agency.

We see ourselves as an extension of the brands we work with and offer design, PR and retail consultancy in addition to a pure sales role as and when required.


The showroom is run by Maggie Smart, Sales Director and supported by a team of 7 across 2 locations.

Sister Company

We have a sister company, a mens and ladies fashion brand by the name of Folk. We operate a separate showroom for Folk. In addition to this we operate 4 retail outlets in central London and one in Germany.

In total the company currently employs around 45 people.

Macandi Showrooms

14 Emerald Street, Holborn, London WC1N 3QA








Role Overview

As a Showroom Assistant you are the first impression that any visitor gets of the company and so it’s a vital role for our organisation. You need to be professional in appearance, personable and polite at all times. Your role is to provide administrative and practical support to the sales and distribution team within our business.


The sales department produces a steady flow of paperwork and it’s the job of the Sales and Distribution Assistant to ensure this is dealt with timely and efficiently. It’s a very important role as it allows the members of the sales team to spend more time selling and generating income whilst you provide the essential administration support to the sales and distribution team; allowing us to deliver excellent standards of customer service to our clients.


Working in a sales and distribution environment is often quite pressurised as we are working to tight deadlines and you’ll need to be super organized and able to remain calm under pressure, whilst respecting the deadlines set for you.


Your role involves dealing with enquiries both on the phone and in person so you need to have a good working knowledge of the company as a whole, including key departments and staff.


Typical Duties


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