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Blog: Abbie Godbold


Hi All!

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post and I apologize as I should really keep you all updated!

Well, what hasn’t happened in the last month?

Here at The Factory I have recently been put in charge of all our Human Resources as well as all of our suppliers! E.g. invoicing, correspondence etc. Finally some folders to call my own :’) I have also been working on my monthly sales as well, organizing and advertising as well as the actual sale itself! Of which I hope to see you all at my next one! (Amazing stock DON’T miss out!). On top of all of this I also have my ‘Monday Duties’ which consists of my K.P.I’s (Key Progress Indicators) which consists of keeping track of our progress on all our delivery’s and when we send out samples, as well as our Factory Order Lists in which I total our outgoings!

All my responsibilities here make me realise how much I am going to benefit from my apprenticeship in the future! To think that all of these task’s I could only gain ”on the job” where as in a class room I would never have learnt any of these key skills as such! I now know all the basics which help to run The Factory!

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe in the future I will run my own Factory …Who knows?

Much Love! (:

For more information on my stock please email me at abbie@fashion-enter.com !  I am eager to SELL!

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