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Topshop Apprenticeship


23_oct_molly_bludMy name is Molly Blud, (image right) and I’m 18 years old! When finishing secondary school I started out at The Colchester Sixth Form, but soon realised that formal education wasn’t for me anymore, after losing all interest in my chosen subjects apart from photography. So I left after I had taken my AS exams; to look for a job/apprenticeship within in industry I am most fond of; fashion. My hobbies consist of photography and dance. I also have a huge interest in luxury brands and make-up and enjoy putting together portfolios and collages of things that inspire me and my own personal style!

On gaining the apprenticeship position:

“I felt the overall process with FashionCapital was great, they were supportive and extremely helpful; staying in constant contact throughout the whole interview process, and answering all questions asked promptly and in great detail! I also compliment them on them on their friendly and positive attitude, making you feel at ease every step of the way. It came at a great shock to me when I received the e-mail that I was the chosen one for the Topshop apprentice due to great competition, leaving me over the moon and thrilled to be starting the programme!”


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