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FEL working with Eric Gilston who was then a teacher at Virgo Fidelis Covent Senior School.  FEL set the task to the lively group of students a new way brand identity for fashioncapital.co.uk website 

There are many talented designers that we work with; today we have over 80 clients working with us at the Fashion Studio and we genuinely see such talented people. They are a job to work with; organised, creative, systematic, great communicators and they are seriously on it! However the road of being a micro business is tough.  You are not just the Jack of all trades you are the Master of all trades. 

We know talented designers who are savvy business people – they have used their home address for their business but call their address Unit 34 rather than just 34. 

They have a wide cross section of emails addresses such as accounts@, info@, sales@ and press @ but they are all going to that hardworking founder who is working 12-15 hours with a passion.

We salute you designers we really do but remember these long hours, the stress and the lack of financials can play havoc with your mind and body and that’s exactly why we have brought in Life Coach Eric Gilston to help support you every step of the way with your business.

Today’s Positive Mindset seminar was literally awesome. Just look at the feedback from some of our designers that attended;

UR commented – Eric is outstanding – I have rated this seminar 60/60. I have just learnt so much

JT commented – I have also given Eric 60/60 and want to thank Fashion Enter for putting on this seminar as it has helped to unblock mymind around my thoughts for sewing and fashion.      

Eric explained that during his career at companies such as Unilver he was always intrigued by the importance of mental health and a positive attitude. it’s easy to be negative about work especially when you are under stress but the important points to remember are :

– the journey you take now is for a brighter future.

– live in the moment and keep growing. 

– we don’t always know why things happen but they invarably happen for a reason – go with it and make the most of it!

– the mind is a power tool and without strong mental health and that positive can do attitude then business can be stunted.

Jenny Holloway CEO stated ” I met Eric in 2007 when Fashion Enter was in year 1 at Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School.  We were undertaking a programme with Eric to bring industrial best practices into schools. We have never looked back – sometimes work crosses that line into refreshing and Eric has been a wonderful inspiration to us all.

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