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‘The Importance of Branding & How to Sell Online’ Essential Workshop


branding workshop group nov 2017The workshop began with an introduction to the Evergreen Agency and the brand marketing services they provide to businesses by Aaron & Harriet Rudman-Hawkins. Harriet and Aaron explained their positions at the agency and their experience within the industry, guests also introduced themselves and their brands. Guests were then briefed about the different topics that were to be discussed in the workshop, this included; branding, customer experience, consistency originality and many more.

Harriet discussed with the attendants the importance of marketing and branding ‘It’s all about the name! And how you are going to brand yourself’ Harriet gave a very informative explanation of how designers should brand themselves and finding the platform to use to promote their brand that enhances brand development.  ‘Get it right the first time’ she talked about the different avenues to consider when creating your brand such as; typography for business cards and the use of a graphic designer to create consistent and coherent branding.  For a customer wants a rounded branded experience and a consistent visual story will create that. 

In terms of marketing, there are so many opportunities for smaller businesses to highlight their offering, as there is a rise in people buying handmade and Made in Britain brands. Most of the guests had a niche business and were informed about the most suitable platforms such as instagram and Depop they could use to generate different streams of income sufficiently in the short term. 

‘The more channels you use, the more you can cross sell,’ Aaron discussed about using a range of platforms to sell online and the importance of creating a website to create a substantial following in the long term.  There are different ventures of selling online it depends on what works for particular brands. Some start up brands might want to start with online platforms such as Spotify and WordPress to create websites for their brand, as both platforms are easy to use and affordable.

‘You need to think about collateral for your website development,’ Aaron explained more in detail the options to consider to the guests when developing their brand websites, for example collateral and identifying the different types of marketing strategies you could use on your website to generate consistent sales. As well as researching templates online to find inspiration of where the individual might want the visual direction of their website to go to.

branding workshop group 2 nov 2017

Guests were impressed by Aaron & Harriet’s fantastic expertise and advice and we look forward to the next workshop we hold with the Evergreen Agency. Here are some comments below:

“This was an excellent seminar filled with lots of great information and was well delivered by Aaron and Harriet. I learnt what internet platforms to use and how to improve the ranking of my website through various tips and tricks.” Catherine

“All the information provided was necessary! I have learnt what it takes to set up a website and methods to use when selling online.” Pauline

“Fantastic Presentation! I learnt the importance of what it takes to get online, blogging, website development and how to create a presence online.” Margaret

The next Essential Workshop takes place 15th November with Solicitor Nick Gould discussing IP, Copyright and Data Protection. To book your place email jenni@fashion-enter.com

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