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The Design Process & Product Development Essential Workshop


Gabby Shiner-Hill has over 15-years of experience in the manufacturing industry from consulting designers about product process and product development to supplying for mass market retail companies such as; Next, Topman and Marks & Spencer. Gabby explained part of the reason for her going into fabric sourcing and product developing was to ‘promote transparency, with ethically sourced fabrics to good designers.’  
gabby workshop oct 17
There was a wonderful turnout of guests including designers and apprentices, all anticipating the significant information and methods Gabby was about unveil. The atmosphere within the workshop was buzzing, with attendees engaging with Gabby seeking advice on how they can develop their small scale ideas to become factory ready.
Gabby touched on many topics such as sorting fabrics out for sampling or to manufacture. She stated that: ‘If you have an opportunity to size set, you are saving yourself a lot of heartache,’ she elaborated on that point explaining that it helps determine if the fabric you sourced will work with your design for production in the factory. This is essential for any designer as it’s an opportunity to correct and if so, source other fabrics that may work with your product before manufacturing. 
gabby workshop oct 17 2
Gabby most certainly gave guests an informative description of the best methods to process and develop their products. So much so, here are a few comments that were made:
“Absolutely brilliant – so much great information, really well delivered. Very friendly. Helpful speaker. Looking forward to more talks like this. I am really impressed by Fashion Enter.” Catherine
“Another amazing talk this morning – seriously good. Gabby is a wonderful speaker, very friendly, informative and patient.” Cat
“I have learnt how to look into the costs of the process, time frames and suppliers of fabric. Excellent advice, very, very good!” Sezan
“I have learnt about the time it takes to make garments as samples and bulk. Really informative and engaging.” Samina
“I have learnt the design process, technical terms and now have an idea on how long each step will take. Picked up lots of tips on where to go for trims / fabrics and what to expect re quantities. This course is great as an overview of the design and production process. Gabby is a brilliant teacher and led the class with ease. She has a lot of really useful experience. Very happy to have attended this course.” Seray
The next FashionCapital workshop aimed at fashion start-ups is: How to manage your finances by Nigel Rust, Business Coach on Tuesday 17th October followed by the third ‘How to Succeed in Fashion Today’ Trunk Show in Newcastle at Sage Gateshead, The Barbour Room, with headline sponsors Sage, on Thursday 19th October.

Please contact Jenni Sutton jenni@fashion-enter.com for further details and to confirm your attendance. 

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