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10 Steps In Running a Successful Label


10 steps slidesTracey has worked in the fashion industry for over thirty years. Initially working as a store Manager for Wallis, Tracey moved on to marketing roles with Oasis, Warehouse and Phase Eight, recently holding the position of Marketing Director for International brand Monsoon Accessorize. Her involvement from design concept through to customer experience has enabled Tracey to gain a deep understanding into the business and growth of fashion and brand.

Throughout her two-hour workshop Tracey passed on gems of knowledge and expertise to ensure the start-up brands and businesses in the room were fully clued-up on planning, branding and marketing.

The feedback to Tracey’s workshop was incredibly positive, here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

“I have learnt how to see my brand much more as a whole and to plan strategically. It is so easy to just think about the garments and lose sight of the whole picture. Really useful task, lots of information.” Alice

“I have learnt to keep going. A strong enforcement of planning and the importance of it, thinking more about being on top of all areas of the business – thinking laterally and logically. I really gained so much from today, I feel like the faith has been restarted! Really appreciate the time you have taken to share your knowledge and experience. Thank-you so much.” Kathryn

“Invaluable workshop. I have learnt about creating a range, information of being aware of what others are doing, branding and marketing.” Winnie

“An essential part of my brands growth will be exploring and describing why it is interesting, what the brand represents and expanding into the brand lifestyle. Thank-you so much, you are a mine of fabulous stories and essential information. Very lucky to have attended this workshop with you.” Sydney

“The workshop was extremely informative in giving an overview of starting a brand. I would definitely recommend this workshop.” Billy 

“I have learnt a massive amount about where to go with my business from here. I now have an idea of what my next steps will be. Great workshop and speaker, lots of information.” Jacinta

“I have learnt a lot of fabulous, priceless advice. Thank-you!” Sezan

The next FashionCapital workshop aimed at fashion start-ups is: The Design Process and Product Development by Design Consultant Gabby Shiner-Hill on Tuesday 3rd October.

10 steps group

Please contact Jenni Sutton jenni@fashion-enter.com for further details and to confirm your attendance. 

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