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Apprentices Head Out On An Enrichment Trip


Apprenticeship Tutor – Dee Stewart comments: “I visited Oxford Street with the Wednesday apprenticeship group they are currently working on the unit ‘investigate the markets’ as part of their qualification. They really enjoyed the visit and were able to compare brands such as Top Shop, H&M and New Look with M&S, River Island and Zara, looking for the common trends on the high street and assessing the competition.

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“They also got a chance to observe the public’s fashion styles with ripped denim jeans and ruffles being this season’s big trend. We then went to Liberty’s, which is one of London’s most famous department stores, known for its floral, paisley and pattern prints, they loved the uniqueness and were able to see iconic brands such as Alexander McQueen.

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“After Lunch we went to see the Anna Sui exhibition at the Fashion & Textiles Museum, they were really inspired and were able to see her design process, collections and how her brand has grown and evolved over the years. FTM also has a great book shop with books on pattern cutting and design.  A really good day, full of inspiration and holistic learning.”

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Apprentice Samina Islam said: “I really enjoyed the visit to Oxford Circus as I saw a common trend in many of the high street stores whereby there was a move back to 80’s. In Topshop I noticed a lot florescent jackets and heavily sequined vests that I assume would really make the wearer stand out and I am sure would be picked up by fashion magazines. I also found accessories in Urban Outfitters with the same sort of rainbow psychedelic effect on them.

“The Anna Sui visit was really helpful in inspiring me to be more creative in my sketchbook and not be too scared about making something that’s out of the ordinary or challenges society’s norms on fashionable clothing.”

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While apprentice Amy added: “Our group had lots of fun on Oxford Street and we visited lots of different kinds of stores to look at what trends are emerging in the market place. Stores that we visited included Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Berksha, and Liberty. Compared to trends that were emerging last time I attended the trip, I preferred a lot of what the high street was offering much more. There was still trends like embroidery and Bardot necklines very strong and prevalent. I was very attracted to lots of different floral prints which I’d describe as being transitional. The Anna Sui exhibition was very inspirational, I loved seeing photos of how her flagship stores were laid out as well as her Mood Boards next to the clothes that were inspired by them.”

CEO of Fashion Enter Jenny Holloway said that the enrichment trips “are vital for the apprentices total education so they are work ready!” She added:Credit to the teaching team for being so innovative in their traching strategies.”  

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